Working with Minors Policy

The protection and well-being of children under the age of 18 is of the highest priority to The Green Room Community Theatre, Inc.  which is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for minors. This policy applies to all activities involving minors operating under the authority and direction of The Green Room whether on premises or offsite.


“Minor” for purposes of this policy means any person under the age of 18 who is participating in a Green Room activity.

Authorized Adults” for purposes of this policy means all individuals, ages 18 and over, paid or unpaid, who instruct, supervise, chaperone or otherwise oversee Minors in connection with Green Room activities. This includes, but is not limited to employees, teachers, students, volunteers, interns, consultants, guest artists, production crew and anyone else who participates in any way in a Green Room activity that includes Minors.

Written Consent

Any Minor who is not accompanied by a legal guardian must have the written consent of a legal guardian to participate in a Green Room activity.

Background Checks

Any Authorized Adult in direct custodial care of a Minor must pass a background check. 


  • Minors must be adequately supervised by their legal guardians or Authorized Adults. To the extent practicable, Minors should not be left unattended.
  • Apart from individual lessons (in which case the legal guardian must give approval), Authorized Adults should refrain from one-on-one time spent with Minors and adhere whenever possible to the “rule of three,” with at least two Authorized Adults or two Minors in a group at all times.
  • Individual coaching must be conducted whenever possible in a room or other space that is open. Rooms must remain accessible at all times.

Mandatory Reporting

Instances or suspected instances of abuse, neglect or inappropriate interaction with Minors must be reported immediately to the Executive Director and/or the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. For purposes of this Policy, immediately means within 24 hours of becoming aware of an instance or suspected instance of abuse or neglect.

Individuals reporting and cooperating on an assessment of inappropriate conduct or suspected inappropriate conduct in good faith are protected under North Carolina law from criminal and civil liability for making such report. A good-faith report of suspected abuse or neglect must not be retaliated against.

In the event the Executive Director and/or the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors suspects inappropriate conduct or receives a credible allegation of inappropriate conduct, the following actions must take place immediately:

  1. Ensure the safety of any Minors participating in the Program, which may include removal of Minors from dangerous or potentially dangerous situations.
  2. Notify appropriate authorities
  3. If the inappropriate conduct involves an Authorized Adult participating in a Green Room Program, the Authorized Adult’s further participation must be discontinued in any activities covered by this Policy until the situation has been satisfactorily resolved.

Policy Review

This policy shall be reviewed and revised as necessary by the Executive Committee.

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