The Green Bean Players

2018 Summer Tour

Welcome the Green Bean Players.  They specialize in bringing magical stories to life for young audiences!  Every year, they perform in a host of venues, from schools and libraries to museums and community events.  They have earned a reputation for high quality performances that feature spectacular sets, interesting characters, and charming costumes, puppets, and props!

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2018 Summer Tour of

Little Red Ridinghood

This interactive play incorporates the audience’s imagination to reinforce the universal importance of telling the truth.

What adventures await the little girl known as Little Red Riding Hood when she puts on her cape and hood and enters the dark mysterious woods? Told through acting, storytelling, and masks, discover how this clever girl can outwit the fast-talking sneaky wolf and ultimately save the day!


Age Recommendation: All Ages
Appeal for Younger Ages: Funny, adventure fantasy shared through contemporary storytelling
Appeal for Older Ages: Moral dilemmas, deceptive tricks, and humorous puns

Discussion Topics: Selflessness, Trust, Trickery, Storytelling