"If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing."

About “Sprouts” Music & Movement Classes

This semester the Sprouts class will be on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:15pm. 

The next Sprouts Class will begin on September 3rd.          

Week 1- Percussion
This class will incorporate percussion instruments in storytelling & movement through rhythm
Week 2- On The Farm
The class will include learning animal movements, sounds & folk dance
Week 3- Up in the Air
We will use our imagination or fly, float & soar with lots of music!
Week 4- Harmonicas
Join us on our Creole and Cajun Adventure with the use of Harmonicas!
Week 5- Surf's Up
We will explore music using our bodies & voices at the beach today!
Week 6- Disney
The class will use music & movements to recreate some of our favorite Disney friends
Week 7- Size Day
Being big and being small….musical sizes!
Week 8- Superhero
What’s it mean to be a superhero/true hero? This class will explore being superheros through movements and some music.
Week 9- In the Jungle
We are going on an adventure…under, through and above the jungle!
Week 10- Share Day
Today we will share what we learned over the past 9 weeks with our families.