Vintage Hitchcock:

A Live Radio Show


The Producer for this show is Hickory Park Furniture.

Turn your clocks back to 1946 and tune into The Green Room’s production of Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play.  Watch the behind-the-scenes, in-studio action with three classic Hitchcock stories. Each will keep you on the edge of your seat and transport you back to a time when radio was king with appropriate drama, excitement, and live sound effects!

In order to stream this show we are using ShowShare by Broadway on Demand.  We will be using their ticketing app instead of the one you normally use for The Green Room.  Click on the appropriate button below to get your ticket.


Date clarification: Your access to see the show will work as a limited “Video on Demand.”  You may watch the show at any time during the weekend you choose. Your access is only available for that weekend.  We advise beginning your stream no later than 10:00pm on either Jan. 31st or Feb. 7th as the link will become inactive at midnight for that weekend.